Клуб янгиликлари

Congratulations and happy birthday to Ulugbek Mukhamedov!

Клуб янгиликлари
Today Ulugbek Mukhamedov celebrates his birthday, CEO of SFI Management Group, which is the founder and main investor of Pakhtakor football club.

Since the company SFI Management Group became the founder and main investor of FC Pakhtakor, in the life of the club there have been big positive changes. For the team and football academy, good conditions for training and preparation were created. Under the strict guidance of the company led by Ulugbek Yarkinovich, the main team was able to rise from 12th place to third place last season and this season heads the championship standings, while women‘s andf futsal teams began to play in the highest leagues.

A lot of work has been done to bring the club to the new level of development and Ulugbek Yarkinovich‘s contribution to this is huge and significant.

The management and staff of Pakhtakor Football Club heartily congratulates Ulugbek Yarkinovich on his birthday and wishes him good health, luck, happiness and success in his career.

Happy birthday, dear Ulugbek Yarkinovich!