Клуб янгиликлари

Esmael Gonсalves: Our main objective is championship

Клуб янгиликлари

Legionnaire of Pakhtakor Esmael Goncalves told about his transferring to the club and about expectations before the start of the new season.

- What was the main reason for come Pakhtakor?

- Pakhtakor is a big club; it‘s the main club of Uzbekistan. If it was an average team, I probably would never have come here. An important reason was also football, in which the team plays and which is promoted by Shota Arveladze. These two reasons influenced my decision.

- What did you know about Uzbek football before the transferring?

- I was already familiar with Uzbek football from the stories of my friends who played here for different teams. It was 2-3 years ago, they already told me that there are good football conditions and the country is convenient for playing.

- How is the adaptation in the new team and country?

- First of all, I would like to thank the players - they took me in the team benevolently. This helps to adapt well and quickly to the team. Secondly, I did not expect the city to be so good and I was pleasantly surprised from it. My adaptation goes very good and smooth.

- What are the expectations from the new season?

- I talked about this with the head coach before the start of the season, and our main task is to be the champions. We will fight in every match only for the victory and about anything else we do not think.