Клуб янгиликлари

Lions lost to Spartak Moscow in test match

Клуб янгиликлари
Pakhtakor played second control game with Spartak Moscow in UAE camp.

In this match, Pieter Huistra also involved two teams. Our team opened the score in the 7th minute. Gigot played rudely against Erkinov in the penalty area, and a penalty was awarded, which was realized by Dragan Ceran. Then dangerous shots on goal were inflicted by Bakaev, Pedro Rocha and Hendrix, but Suyunov was able to cope with them. A head blow from close range performed by Azmiddinov turned out to be inaccurate. At the 30th minute, a strong Kral shot from 22 meters allowed to even the score - 1:1, which did not change until the end of the first half.

In the second half, after changes in the composition of both teams, there were not many dangerous situations. The blows of Spartak Sobolev, Larsson and Moses were repelled by Kuvvatov, and Roziev, being one on one with the goalkeeper of opponent, could not punch for sure. At the 87th minute after the penalty kick, Zobnin put Spartak ahead - 2:1.

January 30. Dubai. Complex Jebel Ali.
Referee: Dusan Dmitrievic (Serbia).
Spartak: Maksimenko, Gigot, Zhikia, Ayrton, Yeshchenko, Hendrix, Kral, Ignatov, Bakaev, Pedro Rocha, Ponce.
2-half: Selikhov, Sobolev, Moses, Larsson, Kutepov, Zobnin, Maslov, Pedro Rocha, Umyarov, Gaponov, Markitesov.
Pakhtakor: Suyunov (Kuvvatov, 46), Alijonov (Sayfiev, 46), Azmiddinov (Azamov, 46), Anzur Ismoilov (Chobanov, 62), Yuldoshev (Khoshimov, 62), Khamrobekov (Iminov, 62), Kholmatov (Sobirkhujaev, 46), Erkinov (Odilov, 62), Ceran (Temirov, 46), Turgunboev (Komilov, 46), Derdiyok (Roziev, 46).
Goals: Ceran, 7-pen - 0:1. Kral, 30 - 1:1. Zobnin, 87 - 2:1.